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It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and your pet doesn’t stand a chance without that piece of paper.  That’s why pet owners from all corners of the earth are flocking to the Virtual College of Learned Animals.  With a PetDegree diploma from VCLA, you can instantly build a pet’s self-esteem and stroke that furry ego until the cows come home.  A VCLA PetDegree diploma is recognized throughout world as the ultimate bark of distinction in virtual animal education.  It can open doors, rattle cages, and lead your pet quickly up the social ladder and rapidly down the career path to success.   

The PetDegree diploma from VCLA is a handsome, personalized certificate printed on high-quality stock and suitable for framing and displaying proudly.  This custom pet novelty is the perfect gift for your favorite furry friend or the doting pet owner on your shopping list. 

The Virtual College of Learned Animals is dedicated to the proposition that all pets are created equal.  VCLA does not discriminate on the basis of the color or creed, gender or breed, or number of legs.  If you've got an old gray mare, a gifted goldfish, a brilliant bunny, or a contrary canary, all are welcome to attend.

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