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  Doo-Doo Economics
  Theological Dogma

Popular Undergraduate PetDegree diplomas for Cats:

                                 Purrforming Arts
                                 Purrsonnel Management

  Popular "Co-Ed" PetDegrees

                          Pawlitical Science
  Independent Study PetDegrees: Design your own major!

          Is your pet adept at foiling intruders, rolling over, playing dead or chewing shoes?  Have a contrary canary, a gifted goldfish, a brainy bunny, or a genius                    gerbil?  Independent Study diplomas are available in the subject of your own design. 

          Popular fields of Independent Study include:



  Intelligent Design

  Special Graduate PetDegree Programs:

     Master of Business (MBA)

          The MBA PetDegree diploma from the VCLA Graduate School of Business is recognized worldwide as the highest certification that pets attend to
          their business wisely. 

          (Note:  Admission to the MBA program at VCLA usually requires completion of an undergraduate degree in Doo-Doo Economics.  But that
          prerequisite is waived if the applicant’s owner will certify that the applicant attends to his or her business wisely.)

           Yes.  I hereby certify that (name of pet) attends to (his/her) business with efficiency, reliability and consistency.

     PAW School and CLAW School

           VCLA School of PAW -- where legal beagles are born!

           Give your Bow-Wow a reason to take a bow with a PAW degree from VCLA School of PAW.  Nearly 75 percent of our PAW School graduates go on to do
           Pro Bono work!  The other 25 percent get filthy rich!

           VCLA School of CLAW -- where legal eagles take flight!

        Cats and birds who graduate from the VCLA Virtual School of Claw are known to be the sharpest Clawyers in the business.  Those who go into private
           Practice have an exceptional record for winning civil Clawsuits.  Three in ten are tailented prosecutors.

           (Sorry, we can't help it:  According to available anecdotal evidence, one in every ten PAW and CLAW school graduates turns out to be a rat!)

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